Conference FAQ’s

Check here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on conference registration.

Title Author  
Need to make changes to your session selections? Shawn Hughes  
Need to Change a Workshop? Shawn Hughes  
What are any additional costs? OAGEE Admin  
What is the login for conference? OAGEE Admin  
Can I register at the door? OAGEE Admin  
How do I get an official receipt? OAGEE Admin  
What if I am presenter? OAGEE Admin  
How do I get a separate receipt for membership? OAGEE Admin  
How to I check what I picked? OAGEE Admin  
Is payment required before picking sessions? OAGEE Admin  
How do I pick my sessions? OAGEE Admin  
Are there waiting lists for full sessions? OAGEE Admin  
Do I Need to Register for Conference if I am a Presenter OAGEE Admin  
Can the departmental membership be changed to allow me to attend? OAGEE Admin  
What happens if my offered session is cancelled due to low enrollment? OAGEE Admin  
Do I get the membership rate if I am part of a department membership? OAGEE Admin  
How do I register my department teachers for conference OAGEE Admin  
What is Conference Refund Policy? OAGEE Admin  
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