One of the longstanding strengths and traditions of OAGEE are our Conferences.  Twice a year we offer teachers the opportunity to further their professional development.

Fall Conferences:  Every fall, (October or November), OAGEE hosts a 2 day full conference including workshops, field trips, keynote speakers, exhibitors area and fabulous networking opportunities.

Spring Conferences: Every spring, (April or May), OAGEE hosts a 1 day field oriented experience for teachers.  These conferences focus on a local area and theme relevant to the location.  Although smaller in nature, these conferences offer teachers an out of classroom, experiential professional development.


Attendance Justification Letter   

Lettre de justification pour congrès ou conférence

Need evidence of the value of attending this conference? Provide administration etc. with a copy of this letter.


Watch our website  and social media for details.


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