St. John’s Declaration : Advancing Geography Education in Canada

OAGEE is a strong supporter of the St. John’s Declaration: Advancing Geography Education in Canada. In the Summer of 2013 the Canadian Association of Geographers conference was in St.John’s, Newfoundland, where a group of concerned geography educators, including members of OAGEE, came together to discuss deficiencies in geographic knowledge, work on a strategy and create an action plan to help geographic education in Canada.

The group was concerned that people do not understand that geography is not just about maps, but the ability to understand and analyze spatial related issues and approach them from a geographic perspective. Knowing more about geography and the world around us, for example,  can help us cope better with flooding and natural disasters and use the power of location to help make better decisions.

The St. John’s Declaration is a document that resulted from the meeting and was to be sent out to all  major educational institutes and professional organizations to seek their endorsements for the cause.

St. John’s Declaration: Geography Education in Canada

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