Reasons to join

Does your department look like this??  Consider a Department Membership!

Why join OAGEE?

  • Network with other Geography / Environmental teachers in Ontario.
  • It means that you are part of a large network / community of teachers across the province who together can have influence on Geographic education in Ontario.
  • Further develop what it means to be a Geographically Literate, Global Citizen
  • Keep up to date on recent Curriculum developments
  • Keep up to date with new ideas and pedagogy
  • Learn, develop, grow by making contacts at OAGEE Conferences with attendees and speakers
  • Conference Workshops presented for Geography/Environmental teachers, by classroom teachers
  • Online Access to conference presentations handouts/teaching resources provided by speakers from our yearly conferences.
  • Use the NEW OAGEE website to enhance your teaching.
  • Teaching resources organized by Concepts of Geographic Thinking, Grades and Courses.
  • Unlimited access to resource downloads.
  • Digital access to our quarterly publication: The Monograph
  • Each issue of the Monograph contains lesson plans and activities, designed by teachers, for use in a variety of Geography courses. The Monograph also contains resource lists, book reviews, Geography news, and information about upcoming events.
  • Receive GEO News emails, with updates on the Geo-happenings going on in Ontario and beyond.

Need more reasons? …. Check out these “testimonials”

  • A wealth of relevant resources for Geographic and Environmental teachers by teachers. Check out the “Best of the Monograph” for a plethora of lesson ideas.”     Ling Wong, TDSB


  • “As a non Geographer suddenly teaching Canadian and World Studies courses, these lessons have been instrumental for using the Concepts of Geographic Thinking through the Inquiry process.The “What’s Where, Why There, Why Care” poster developed by Randy Wilkie helps facilitate a fantastic minds-on activity that prepares students to become fully engaged in each task as they begin questioning and making connections.”

    Dave Donald,  Thomas A Stewart Secondary School  KPRDSB


  • During my time as a Lead Teacher at Cobourg West, teachers in our department constantly used The Monograph, which is filled with easily implemented learning activities that are current & relevant. These easily implemented activities allowed teachers with a variety of skills, qualifications, and backgrounds to help students understand the nature of the discipline and its relevance to our everyday lives. Todd Pottle

    Coordinator for Ontario eLearning Consortium

    formerly of Cobourg CDCI West KPRDSB





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