Spring 2021

OAGEE Virtual Spring Conference: 

May 1st  9 AM to 12:30 PM


Hosted through Microsoft Teams courtesy of ESRI Canada

Jean Tong and Angela Alexander will guide us through features of StoryMap and Survey123. A virtual tour of the Alderville First Nations Black Oak Savannah (BOS) will be available and hosted by their team. A preview of what they do can be found at: ALDERVILLE Black Oak Savanna

Workshop: Building a sense of place and community with free digital tools. Focused onSurvey123– creating a collaborative activity.

In this hands-on session, educators will learn how to create a collaborative field study using Survey123, a free, Web-based digital survey tool in Esri’s ArcGIS Online software. With this, students can create interactive surveys that allow them to collect data using their preferred device whether at home, at school, or outside in the community. A survey is a great way to gather primary source data on a community’s people and environment. You will also learn how to communicate the results of the survey, using Esri’s interactive tools.

Workshop: Engage your students with StoryMaps

Focused on ArcGIS StoryMaps

Story Maps are an engaging storytelling tool that incorporates the use of maps, text, photographs and other media. In this workshop, we will share how you can engage and inspire your students using the ArcGIS StoryMaps builder to visualize and share your data. Follow along as we outline the flexible storytelling options, the built-in express maps, and explore the pre-designed themes that you can apply to your story and data.

Where Fires Dance! 

Join us for a virtual tour of the Alderville Black Oak Savanna (ABOS) through the Where Fires Dance ArcGIS StoryMap. The purpose of this resource is for classes to learn and explore the connections between Anishinaabe culture, fire, and tallgrass ecosystems. These ecosystems are unique and contain rare flora and fauna and incorporate Traditional Ecological Knowledge in all aspects of restoration. Grassland ecosystems act as a carbon sink and are vital in mitigating the effects of Climate Change. The presentation is about 45 minutes in duration with time for a question-and-answer section

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