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When:  Friday April 28th 2017

Where: Camp Kawartha’s Outdoor and Environment Centres

Why:    The United Nations has recently designated Peterborough as a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development                             

In receiving this designation, Peterborough joins a network of centres around the world that have been recognized by the UN body as a result of their commitment to promoting sustainable economies, environmental stewardship, social justice and improved quality of life.

To support these objectives and the professional learning of teachers, we invite all educators to attend the 2017 OAGEE Spring Conference on April 28th @ Camp Kawartha’s Outdoor and Environment Centres. Camp Kawartha has long championed the concept of sustainable development by serving as a training ground for teachers in strategies for effective environmental education and sustainable living. Teachers will have an opportunity to share success stories and best practices with other teachers and environmental educators from around the province.

Register Today! 

Cost:    $90 + OAGEE Membership

           Keep Reading - ITINERARY - Here's the plan!




The Can Geo Challenge is a great program that gets students excited about learning geography and the world around them. Here are 5 reasons why teachers across Canada love participating, and why you should too.

  1. It is free!
  2. It is available in French and English.
  3. Teachers can choose how to administer the challenge. This year, we are offering three ways students can participate in the challenge; online, downloaded as a pdf or use a projector to display the questions.
  4. All school winners receive a medal, certificate and a one-year subscription to Canadian Geographic.
  5. It’s connected to your curriculum. Our updated questions allow students to explore topics from basic map reading skills to physical landforms, human interactions and global communities.

For more information visit http://challenge.canadiangeographic.ca/

Technology Enabled Learning Ontario
Call for Writers: Secondary

Technology Enabled Learning Ontario (TELO) requires course writers and reviewers from both public and Catholic district school boards to develop online credit courses.

The ideal course writer and reviewers will currently be teaching in the subject area, ensuring an expertise and understanding of the curriculum.

If you are a teacher from a district school board, a provincial school, or a school authority who is a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers; has a Specialist Qualification in the subject area in which you wish to write or review; and has experience in curriculum creation, especially, but not restricted to, an online environment (see below for more details). 








November 11-12, 2016
















OAGEE is pleased to announce the 2016 Fall Conference at Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario on November 11 & 12. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Power of the Map’, reflecting not only that it is the International Year of the Map, but also the importance that maps play within the geography curriculum and classrooms in Ontario.

Registration to the Fall Conference will include:

Two days brimming with inspirational and highly relevant professional learning opportunities;

  • A powerful keynote address from Helen Scott, Director of the Canadian Network for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, and an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto;
  • Access to the Marketplace, featuring the latest geographic resources and services;
  • The revealing of Canadian Geographic’s newest Giant Floor Map – Natural Resources Canada (celebrating the significant role GIS and geospatial technologies play in our day-to-day lives;
  • Unlimited networking opportunities with over 200 educators, education leaders, and exhibitors from across Ontario.

Registration for the Fall Conference will commence shortly after the first week back to school in September.

Keep checking back to the Fall Conference website for updated information and announcements.

The 2016 Fall Conference Committee is encouraging all registrants to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). There will be on hand some Apple IPad’s that can be loaned out for the day, however, workshops that are using ArcGIS Online work better with a laptop device. All registrants will have access to WIFI.
Presenters will need to bring their own devices to present from as workshop rooms are only equipment with Apple TV, projectors, speakers, and flat screen televisions. TCS will provide adaptors if a presenter happens to bring a PC laptop, otherwise, MACs can connect best through AirPlay.



Ontario Inquiry-pac Grade 7 Geography unit
Physical Patterns in a Changing World

Are you searching for a way to engage students in realistic yet hopeful discussions about our physical environments and the changing patterns created by human impact?

This package of dynamic online resources provides everything you need to implement the new Ontario grade 7 geography strand A curriculum through exciting, ongoing inquiry with your students. Including 17 lessons and all required teacher and student materials, this unit guides students in considering the overarching question: How should we respond to our changing Earth? The ongoing critical challenge for students throughout the unit is to create a compelling multi-media “message to the world” to communicate powerful ideas and inspiring examples that will help us respond sustainably to our changing Earth. The broad understandings nurtured include:

  • Humans have always lived in response to Earth’s physical patterns.
  • The physical world is changing because of natural and human activity.
  • The global community can learn to respond sustainably to the opportunities and challenges presented by our changing environment.

TC2 worked for over a year to develop a cascading curriculum plan that incorporates the curriculum expectations and highlights current and relevant geographic issues and themes.  In addition, TC2 is committed to incorporating more First Nations, Metis and Inuit perspectives into the unit.



Check out our blog designed to support TDSB and OAGEE Canadian and World Studies teachers grade 7 - 12. 





Sunday, March 6, 2016
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario
This year's theme, "Mining our Business" will have teachers exploring two important areas in the fields of education and industry, those being, safety and skills development. Registration is now open!