CGR 4E Environment and Resource Management – Summative Activity

CGR 4E Environment and Resource Management – Summative Activity Unit 5: Making a Change in a Local Environment Description Students produce an action plan for rehabilitating a local environment OR managing an existing local resource in a sustainable way, e.g., industrial activities such as mine/quarry/gravel pit rehabilitation, forest land use, garbage collection processes, heating design, waterfront design. (Other examples are provided throughout this Unit.) This final course summative task (part of the 30%) requires students to apply acquired knowledge and skills to a local context. Students, in discussion with their teacher, determine whether the action plan should be developed for their school, home, or workplace or community. Students may choose to focus their investigations on an industry where they work, e.g., gas station, dry cleaner. Alternatively, they may decide to investigate an example of changing land use in their local community. This task requires students to examine human environmental interactions and make recommendations for sustainability. The idea of stewardship must be evident.
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