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Welcome to Canadian Geographic Education’s brand new Online Classroom. Every week, new activities and resources will be shared to make learning from home, or teaching at a distance, easy and fun. Come back regularly to see what’s been added, and stay in touch by joining our ever-growing community of teachers, parents and students.

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Esri at home learning

Educators, parents and students across Canada can access ArcGIS Online to support teaching and learning


Check out this resource for awesome activities using GIS. New to this? No worries! User friendly and great support available. Give it a try. Great for Strand A!!


Sustainability, Livable Communities

Video explaining that by 2050, 68% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas and that we need to ensure that cities & towns are areas where everyone can thrive.

Sustainability, Livable Communities

The World’s Least Liveable Cities

Forces of Nature

4.8 Erosion Story Map Click link 

Thanks to  Brian Beard @MrBeard_OCDSB                                       To help w/ remote learning I’ve created #StoryMaps for my students to explore. I really like with this one b/c I embedded a #Survey123 for students to show examples which then automatically adds to the map at the bottom of the story.


GeoJigsaw is a community driven geographic jigsaw puzzle. If you are feeling creative you can create a puzzle and share it with the puzzle community. If you are feeling competitive, try beating the high score on someone else’s puzzle.

Geojigsaw Puzzle

Forces of Nature: Check out this awesome resource.

Can Humans Cause Earthquakes?

Can Humans Cause Earthquakes

Our colleagues with the Geographical Association in the UK has created the following Resource base:

Geography from Home

Although designed for the UK curriculum, these may provide ideas and jumping off points for your own  classes.

Check out this “Let’s Get Mappy” Resource with amazing links to everything “maps”.

Let’s Get Mappy

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