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These resources have not been designed specifically for the Ontario curriculum so teachers will need to embed Strand A, especially the Geographic Concepts of Thinking: Spatial Significance, Geographic Perspective, Patterns and Trends, and Interrelationships and Inquiry.

These resources are being made available through the generosity of numerous Geography Teacher Organizations who are sharing materials for everyone to use during this time of COVID19. Thanks to all those people and organizations. We are all in this together.

Knowledge Organizers: Climate Change, Map Skills, Rivers & Settlements

A “huge” shout out to @MissChambers15 (Twitter) and her colleagues for her permission to share the following Knowledge Organizers with our OAGEE Members. These are awesome and provide a great jumping off point for further ideas and development. Thanks from “across the Pond” 🙂 We are all in this together.


Thinking like a Geographer: Using Images

Using images to think like a geo A Bennet

Using Maps:


Google My Maps Project – Mapping my local area 

Thanks to our colleagues at https://www.internetgeography.net/ for sharing some of their fabulous resources!

internetgeography.net-Google My Maps Project Mapping my local area



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