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Didn’t receive your latest issue of the Monograph?

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OAGEE has undergone many changes in the new year.  Recently, we reduced the number of print copies of OAGEE’s The Monograph. The Spring Issue of the Monograph was recently sent to all Subscribers, Individual Members, and Department Lead Teachers. Although only one copy was sent to every Department, all members can access an electronic copy of the Monograph by clicking on the Monograph tab above and logging in with their username & password. Each issue will be posted on the our website until the release of the next issue. So, the Spring issue of the Monograph will only be available online until the release of the Summer Issue.

OAGEE Geography Resources

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The Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education (OAGEE) is very pleased to assist its teacher members by hosting easily implemented classroom resources, which is the result of many teachers' hard work donated in good faith. 

Click on the Resources tab 

You can easily become an OAGEE member at:

O.A.G.E.E. and R.C.G.S. Award Winners

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Often, we fail to recognize the contributions of our fellow teachers as they develop new approaches to enhance teaching effectiveness in order to improve students’ learning. These teachers have contributed a lifetime’s worth of work towards the betterment of Geographic and Environmental Education.
A belated congratulations to:
Ethel Johnston, TDSB - O.A.G.E.E. Award of Distinction Winner
Mark Lowry, TDSB, - R.C.G.S. College of Fellows
Kim Wallace, MOE, - R.C.G.S. College of Fellows



Selling Geography

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Dynamic Geography: Marketing the Subject

The teaching of geography in elementary and secondary school systems has moved beyond the more traditional “capes and bays” approach to a greater exploration of how global, cultural, economic and environmental issues shape our daily lives, and in turn, how our human actions impact the sustainability of our planet. Through this exploration, educators strive to develop geographically literate students and to provide these same students with an awareness of opportunities for further geography-related education and/or employment. However, recent curricula changes in Ontario, across Canada, as well as the United States and the United Kingdom, do not reflect the cognitive importance of this discipline as geographic topics are often blended with other subjects under the heading “social studies,” while the few existing geography-specific courses are usually deemed as an “elective.” This trend gives rise to a key question of how to impart the value of geographic education on administrators, parents, and most important, students.