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OTF's Summer Institute for OAGEE/OGCA!

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The Revised Geography Curriculum: Using Inquiry, Concepts of Geographical Thinking and Spatial Technologies (Gr. 7-12)

DATE: July 23-25, 2014

A registration fee of $50 covers workshop materialson-site meals and two nights of shared accommodation. Participants may also be eligible for a transportation subsidy.

This institute will focus on the changes within the new Geography curriculum (Grades 7-12) with emphasis on the four pillars of the revised document which are: inquiry, concepts of Geographical thinking, a citizenship framework and spatial continuum. Participants will use practical skills and strategies, including web-based spatial technologies, field work and experiential activities to emulate the skill set of a geographer.


An Exciting Opportunity: THIS WEEKEND! Certification Training in Spatial Technologies (GIS/GPS) for teachers

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There are a few spaces available for this weekend’s “ Certification Training in Spatial Technologies (GIS/GPS) for teachers”

This is an intensive training workshop for both Beginning and experienced teachers that would like to hone their classroom skills and strategies using an array of spatial skills and competencies. This program is normally just open to OISE pre-service teachers but this year there are a few space available to others. They will be available on a first come basis .


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I made a grievous error in my 1st President’s Message in the latest issue of the Monograph as I was attempting to capture the character of an OAGEE Past President that I admired, Paul VanZant. I respected Paul’s determination, no nonsense and tell it like it is attitude when it came to the future of OAGEE and Geography in Ontario. In an attempt to describe a situation depicting Paul as the strong leader I know him to be I used the word “surly”, which most certainly detracts from the admirable geographic leadership that Paul has provided over the past 17 years. Nothing like offending the very person that you are seeking approval from.

Although the hard copies of the latest Monograph have already been sent out with this disparaging & offensive comment, it has be removed from the electronic copies available by clicking on the Monograph tab above.

In the future, I will attempt to be far more careful when choosing a word that could potentially paint an unfair and inaccurate picture of such a valuable member’s positive attitude and his enormous contributions to this organization. I have nothing but respect for Mr. VanZant and it was not my intention to offend.

Shawn Hughes
OAGEE, President
Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education