OAGEE Apology to Randy Wilkie

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One of the many benefits of becoming involved in OAGEE is the ability to meet some truly amazing educators that have served as the backbone of this organization for many years. These people work tirelessly in the background and OAGEE relies heavily on their experience and guidance.

Randy Wilkie’s energy and commitment to Geographic Education is second to none. He demonstrates an honesty, integrity, and respect that can’t help but draw his teacher candidates and members of the OAGEE council to him. Randy’s professional integrity is the foundation on which his students and OAGEE colleagues build relationships and trust.

Unfortunately, OAGEE has not reciprocated this professional courtesy and integrity. We have failed to properly acknowledge the amazing contributions, including our phenomenal OAGEE posters and associated worksheets, donated by one of our most trustworthy and dependable members.

Our “Geography family” became complacent and took Randy for granted as we’ve always been able count on him even when many of our members are unaware of Randy’s dedication and countless hours behind the scenes for the betterment of OAGEE and Geographic Education.

We apologize to Mr. Wilkie for this oversight as we aim to correct this issue immediately and not repeat this mistake in the future.

Using the Resources & Curriculum menu links (left side of this page), please enjoy the following posters and activities compliments of Mr. Randy Wilkie!

Worksheets For OAGEE Poster: “Geography — From Here to There” 

Concepts of Geographic Thinking Series - Geographic Perspective