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Issue Vol. 54, No. 3

Publication Date: September, 2003

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CGW4U: The Great Bear Rainforest: A Future for an Ecosystem  

Page: 6

Author(s): MacLeod, Karen

"Disney South": A Travel & Tourism Role Playing Exercise  

Page: 18

Author(s): Kellum, Carl

CWI: Biographies: Individuals with Significant Impacts on Global Issues  

Page: 21

Author(s): Hough-Rancourt, Cindy; Maurice, Joe

CGU4G World Geography: McDonald's and Moscow  

Page: 24

Author(s): Tracz, Natasha

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Asia  

Page: 27

Author(s): Schafer, T.

CWI: An Information Pamphlet on Terrorist Organizations  

Page: 29