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Issue Vol. 52, No. 2

Publication Date: June, 2001

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The Geography of Educational Achievement in Ontario Cities  

Page: 7

Author(s): Harris, Richard; Mercier, Michael

Nunavut: A Grade 9 Newspaper Article Assignment  

Page: 11

Author(s): Brown, Jacqueline

Bring the Logistics Industry to Your Grade 9 Class  

Page: 12

Author(s): Rogers, Bill

Agriculture in the Canadian Economy  

Page: 19

Author(s): Morrow., Robert (Jr.)

Canada's Trade Balance  

Page: 29

Author(s): Hotte, Sue

Identifying Canada's Main Trading Partners  

Page: 30

Author(s): Hotte, Sue

Composition of Canada's Major Imports and Exports  

Page: 31

Author(s): Hotte, Sue