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Having a membership in OAGEE means many terrific benefits for you:

It means that you will receive a quarterly professional publication called "The Monograph". Each issue contains lesson plans and activities, designed by teachers, for use in a variety of Geography courses. The Monograph also contains resource lists, book reviews, Geography news, and information about upcoming events.

It means that you are part of a large network of teachers across the province who together can have influence on Geographic education in Ontario.

New! Unlimited access to resource downloads.

OAGEE has discontinued memberships that expire at the end of the calendar year. OAGEE provides an annual subscription that expires approximately 12 months after registration (i.e. register on April 10, 2013, expiry will be March 31, 2014). 

Buy online and get immediate access to resources!

Current Fees

  • School Department Membership + Best of Monograph Online $105.00
  • School Department Membership $90.00
  • Individual + Best of MonographOnline $65.00
  • Individual $50.00
  • Retired + Best of Monograph Online $45.00
  • Retired $30.00
  • Student (includes BofM Online) $25.00

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