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OAGEE Fall Conference 2019
Geography: A Natural Advantage“Water at the confluence of unification and division”
Ashbury College, Ottawa ON
Fri. Nov. 8 & Sat. Nov.9, 2019
Verna McGregor is from the First Nation Algonquin Community of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg which is approximately 120 kilometres north of Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa and Gatineau form part of the Algonquin Nation’s traditional unceded lands. Verna has remained firmly grounded in her community and nation by being part of also the group of traditional Grandmothers (Kokomisag) and Elders. This includes the importance of promotion of retention of the Algonquin language and culture which is so important when addressing issues from a cultural perspective.
Meredith Brown, a champion for freshwater protection, is widely known throughout the vast Ottawa River Watershed as the founding Riverkeeper and former leader of the charitable organization Ottawa Riverkeeper, a licensed member of Waterkeeper Alliance. Meredith holds degrees in biology, environmental engineering and resource and environmental management. Meredith is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and was awarded the Nature Inspiration Award from the Canadian Museum of Nature. Over the past 15 years, Meredith has significantly raised the profile of the Ottawa River and brought important issues such as sewage dumping, fish migration, nuclear waste and microplastic pollution to the attention of the public and decision-makers. Meredith continues to work with Waterkeepers to increase water literacy throughout Canada and help build community-based monitoring networks.
  FRIDAY EVENING AT THE CENTRE FOR GEOGRAPHY AND EXPLORATIONTrépanier’s painting expeditions have led him to tackle challenges few encounter, including a knee-punishing trek on Ellesmere Island with a 120lb backpack; enduring ravaging hordes of mosquitoes while painting at the edge of the highest waterfall in the world above the Arctic Circle; being surrounded by Arctic wolves; canoeing up to an iceberg to paint it from a unique floating point of view; and painting Mount Logan, Canada’s highest mountain, from the Kluane ice fields at 10,000 ft… all for the sake of his art.
Trépanier has been featured in media around the globe, and his documentaries broadcast internationally, sharing his passion for the wild places that he explores and paints. Through his unique vision, expressed through art, films, public speaking and online media, Cory hopes to inspire others with our planet’s natural wonders.
Canadian Geographic named Trépanier one of Canada’s Top 100 Living Explorers. He is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and a member of The Explorers Club, receiving its highest award, the Stefansson Medal.
Artist / Filmmaker / Explorer
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