Gr. 9 CGD/P

The Ontario Association for Geographic and Environmental Education (OAGEE) is very pleased to assist its teacher members by hosting easily implemented classroom resources, which is the result of many teachers’ hard work donated in good faith. OAGEE, though very grateful to these teachers, did not develop these resources.

You can easily become an OAGEE member at:

If you are the copyright holder and are aware of a resource that has been posted in error, please advise us and it will be taken down. Please be aware that we have honest intentions in providing these resources to teachers, are unaware of any potential copyright infringement, and wish to be accountable and responsive to any potential problems.

The classroom teacher is responsible for the appropriate selection, review, and delivery of the content. OAGEE would of course value contributions of any supplemental materials for the website or publication in the Monograph!

Do you use Geography in Action  with your Grade 9’s?

Click on the link below to access support activities created by Classroom Teachers** to accompany this resource. 

**Note: These Resources have been accommodated/differentiated for all learning in your classroom by members of OAGEE. During these unprecedented times these resources may be helpful for emergency remote learning.

Supplementary Resources for Geography in Action

What follows below are remote learning ideas during the Covid19 period.Thanks to  Jennifer Lo Gatto, (Chaminade College) for sharing her ideas.

Week 3

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