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These resources have been designed specifically for the Ontario curriculum and embed Strand A, especially the Geographic Concepts of Thinking: Spatial Significance, Geographic Perspective, Patterns and Trends, and Interrelationships.

To help our Teachers with online resources during this period of Covid19 school closure, we will be adding to this site regularly.

Gr 9 Overview Placemats

CGC 1D1 – Overview Placemats

Gr  9 Teaching Grade 9 Geography Through a Sustainability Lens
Classroom-Ready Activities


Gr.  9 D/P Go Somewhere Poster Activity

Go Somewhere Poster activity


Gr. 9. Sectors of the Economy

Sectors of the Economy Online Learning Lesson Plan Sectors of the Economy Online Learning Lesson Plan


Gr. 9: Exploring Canada’s Diverse Climate

Copy of Canada's Climate Online Lesson Plan

Canada’s Climate Online Lesson Plan


Gr. 9. Introduction to Natural Disasters

Copy of Introduction to Natural Disasters Online Lesson Plan

Copy of Introduction to Natural Disasters Online Lesson Plan


9D Trade Webquest

9D Trade Webquest Joanne

9D Trade Webquest Joanne



Financial Literacy: 

Financial literacy activities Click on this link

These resources were teacher created resources to support the Ministry of Education’s  initiatives in promoting financial literacy.

Each learning module incorporates a minimum of two class activities plus a Culminating activity with Overall expectations identified.

Each module is linked to the geographic Inquiry process, the geographic concepts of thinking, and geographic skills.

The modules are linked to the tenants for financial literacy curriculum.



Go to the following link:

  • CGC1P Applied,
  • CGC1D Academic
  • CGF3M Forces of Nature,
  • CGG3O Travel and Tourism,
  • CGR4M Environment and Resource Management courses.

These activities have been sponsored by the Giant’s Rib Escarpment Education Network (GREEN) and developed by Kimberly Information Services Ltd. At present, only three (CGC1D, CGC1P, CGG3O) of the five pairs are currently available for download at no cost to Geography teachers for use in their classes. The remaining two grade packages will be available early in 2020.


The Niagara Escarpment is a prominent physical feature in Ontario that is one of eighteen World Biosphere Reserves (WBR) in Canada. Its main focus is creating an increasingly sustainable future for the biosphere reserve and the lands around it. These grade packages represent a new geographic resource tied to Ministry expectations, concepts of geographic thinking, inquiry and transferable skills, and map and graphic skills. It is comprised of pairs of activities on the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve that are designed for use in the CGC1P Applied, CGC1D Academic, CGF3M Forces of Nature, CGG3O Travel and Tourism, and CGR4M Environment and Resource Management courses. The unique aspect of this resource is that it is designed to span the continuum from a totally Paper Edition to a nearly total Digital Edition in each of the activity pairs. All of the activities come with all of the resources needed to use them in the classroom.

Go to the following link:


 OAGEE Sikh Resources

Please follow the following link to resources developed for the OAGEE Sikh project.

Resources are available for:


Click here

Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada:

This curriculum-linked resources draws upon the collections and expertise of the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada and will support student learning both at the museum and in elementary and secondary classrooms across Ontario in a variety of grades, subjects and courses. These resources meet the expectations of the current curriculum with links to the overall expectations.  

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