Climate Change Research in the Canadian Arctic

The purpose of this session is to describe research being conducted by geographers in the Canadian Arctic. Geographers at Queen's University are studying arctic environments in an integrated fashion to determine how climate change will affect High Arctic rivers, soils and vegetation in order to provide an understanding of the hydrological and ecosystem processes that are sensitive to climate change. In this session, geographers will report on field studies designed to understand surface processes of hydrology and soil moisture, movement of dissolved nutrients, release of greenhouse gases and vegetation cover. Following the presentations by researchers at Queen's University, Linda Lamoureux, an elementary school teacher will present on her activities related to community outreach at Resolute Bay, Nunavut. Her presentation entitled "Cape Bounty Outreach: Bringing scientific research to elementary aged children at Qarmartalik School, Resolute Bay, Nunavut" will describe her interactions with students in Resolute Bay in her role as Outreach Coordinator for the International Polar Year Cape Bounty Project.
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