2011 Fall Conference Resources

ArcGIS Desktop software is a tool that can be used in the classroom to engage students, foster critical thinking skills, teach spatial and numeracy skills and encourage decision making. In this session, educators will learn tips and tricks about creating their own GIS lessons including: access to data and other content. This session is geared towards experienced users of GIS.
ArcGIS Online provides a gateway to your online GIS experience, and is intended be a useful destination for anyone including GIS professionals, educators, and those that want to view or create their own maps, simply and quickly. In this session, attendees will have an opportunity to use ArcGIS online to explore geographic content and try one of our Web GIS lessons.
This interactive workshop presents World Vision's classroom resources for teaching social justice issues and building citizenship skills. Come away with ready-to-use, curriculum-linked resources from two programs: World Class (7-8) and CONNECT (9-12). Videos, lessons and case studies on hunger and food, water, sustainable development, gender and education, child rights and poverty in Canada will engage students and equip them to be leaders who take action against poverty and injustice. All of World Vision's global education resources for both elementary and secondary, including videos that can be streamed, can be downloaded for free from our catalogue at: http://ourworldclass.tigweb.org/resources/index.html?wvheader=true The Horn of Africa resources used in this workshop are available for download on the CONNECT Teacher Page at: http://worldvisionmedia.ca/connect/?page_id=28
Habitat in the Balance is a web-based decision-making program in which students examine issues from several perspectives. By analyzing the information presented, students determine a course of action and learn of the consequences of an action before preparing a statement for presentation. Several issues are examined within three main topic modules: water, land, and inhabitants. This program fits with geography, social studies, environmental studies, and science curricula.
Mining Matters teamed up with ESRI to create a learning resource that incorporates four hands-on activities from Discovering Diamonds our senior resource into a multi-part lesson that teaches high school students the use of ArcGIS software. Designed by teachers for teachers, Discovering Diamonds will provide you with a selection of unique and relevant resources to communicate Earth Science concepts, and offers students opportunities for experiential learning and scientific investigation.