Spring 2017 Conference

2017 OAGEE Spring Conference @ the Kawartha Environment Centre!!

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When:  Friday April 28th 2017

Where: Camp Kawartha’s Outdoor and Environment Centres

Why:    The United Nations has recently designated Peterborough as a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development                             

In receiving this designation, Peterborough joins a network of centres around the world that have been recognized by the UN body as a result of their commitment to promoting sustainable economies, environmental stewardship, social justice and improved quality of life.

To support these objectives and the professional learning of teachers, we invite all educators to attend the 2017 OAGEE Spring Conference on April 28th @ Camp Kawartha’s Outdoor and Environment Centres. Camp Kawartha has long championed the concept of sustainable development by serving as a training ground for teachers in strategies for effective environmental education and sustainable living. Teachers will have an opportunity to share success stories and best practices with other teachers and environmental educators from around the province.

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Cost:    $90 + OAGEE Membership

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Thank you to Camp Kawartha for an amazing 2017 OAGEE Spring Conference!

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"After visiting Camp Kawartha's Environment and Outdoor Education Centres @ The 2017 OAGEE Spring Conference, it is not diffult to determine why Peterborough was designated as a Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development by the United Nations."

Wade Wiggins, Crestwood Secondary School 


A huge thank you to the Camp Kawartha team for a wildly successful OAGEE Spring Conference at Camp Kawartha’s Environment and Outdoor Education Centres! We enjoyed a beautiful day and a fantastic itinerary filled with informative and entertaining activities.

We started at The Camp Kawartha Environment Centre and participated in a series of Sustainable Building and Sustainable Living activities. Get Outside! We explored different ways of Bringing Nature Home and using nearby natural areas as part of our classroom. We enjoyed the opportunity to chat with other teachers and network during an amazing lunch before heading off to our next adventure at The Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre.






Teachers were introduced to a variety of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit games that proved to be fun, engaging and challenging.  We ended a very successful day on the high ropes. Flying Squirrel! Eight members of the “pull team” are attached to one end of a cable that goes up to a pulley system. A willing participant, the “squirrel”, is attached to the other end of the rope and launched into the air as the pull team runs away from the squirrel.  

Click here for photos from the 2017 OAGEE Spring Conference










Thanks again to Executive Director Jacob Rodenburg and the Camp Kawartha team (Craig, Paige, Amanda, and Tina), who are passionate about, and exemplify, great outdoor and environmental education.

Recently, Jacob’s Big Book of Nature Activities won Double Gold from the Nautilus Book Awards, Silver from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, and was a finalist for The Indie (Independent Book Awards).

Click here for resources from the 2017 OAGEE Spring Conference including:

  • Bird Song Activity & Bird Symphony Information
  • Frog Orchestra Explained
  • Wind Turbine Models and Solar Experimentation Kits
  • Renewable versus Non-Renewable Energy (Craft Stick Game)
  • Lessons From the Goose
  • FNMI Games











2017 OAGEE Spring Conference Location

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Please be aware that the 2017 OAGEE Spring Conference will occur at 2 locations:


MORNING AM - Camp Kawartha Environment Centre

AFTERNOON PM - Camp Kawartha & The Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre
It is approximately a 20 minute drive from the Environment Centre to the Outdoor Education Centre.