Fall 2015 Conference

2015 OAGEE Award of Distinction - Anne Smith Mansfield

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Often we fail to recognize the contributions of our fellow teachers as they develop new approaches to enhance teaching effectiveness in order to improve students’ learning.  This teacher has contributed a lifetime’s worth of work towards the betterment of Geographic and Environmental Education.

OAGEE continually seeks to improve geographic & environmental education in the Province of Ontario. 

The 2015 OAGEE Award of Distinction was presented to

Anne Smith Mansfield

The OAGEE Award of Distinction is presented to an Ontario Educator who is passionate about and exemplifies great Geographic education within the Province of Ontario. 



Shawn Hughes and Anne Smith Mansfield  

RCGS Fellows: Mike Farley, John Geiger, Anne Smith Mansfield, Lew French, Kim Wallace, Paul VanZant 

Many Fellows from the The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (R.C.G.S.) attended the conference and recognized Anne for her contributions to Geographic education in Ontario. Only 2 years ago, the R.C.G.S. recognized Anne Smith Mansfield for her significant contributions to geographic literacy in Canada with the 2013 Geographic Literacy Award. 

Finding an educator that is more enthusiastic about Geography and a better role model to instruct future geography teachers would be a challenge to say the least. Here is a list of achievements that Anne has accomplished to date as a Geography Educator in Ontario:
- nominated for the Golden Apple Teaching Award for her outstanding commitment to the education of pre-service teachers. This is the highest award presented to instructors from the teaching candidates at the Queen’s University Faculty of Education
- selected by Canadian Geographic Education (CGE) and the educational network of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) to attend a month long leadership institute sponsored by National Geographic Society (NGS) in Washington DC
- served as a representative on CGE/RCGS and OAGEE
- coordinated a CGE/RCGS summer institute program and an OAGEE Fall Conference
- taught the B.Ed. practicum course at Queen's University Faculty of Education 
-leader/lecturer on NGS cruise ship "Nantucket Clipper" that traveled from Atlantic Canada to Lake ON
- served on a variety of CGE/RCGS committees including the development of the Canadian Geography Standards project 
- single-handedly brought the NGS Giant Travelling Map to Canada. Anne pioneered the use of the NGS "giant map" program in Canada and provided guidance to CGE/RCGS as they adapted the NGS map program for Canada
- named to the The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) – College of Fellows for her dedication to informing Canadians and the world about this country.
Recently Anne was part of a team that developed new standards for the Ontario College of Teachers B.Ed. Geography program. Currently, she teaches the Intermediate/Senior B.Ed. Geography program at the Queen's University Faculty of Education and serves as the Faculty of Education representative on the OAGEE council.

2015 Fall Conference Committee @ UTS

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OAGEE would like to thank the 2015 Fall Conference Committee @ the University of Toronto Schools for a very successful conference. I hope that these folks have an opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved rest as they've spent the last year planning this conference in order to provide our teachers with current and relevant professional development. Great work team!

  Shawn Hughes, Lew French, Linda Gollick, Paul Hackl, Ling Wong, Torie Abbots, Mike Farley (Conference Chair), Richard Cook, Ewan Geddes

2015 Fall Conference

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November 13th & 14th 2015

OAGEE is pleased to announce the 2015 Fall Conference at University of Toronto Schools!
The theme of this year’s conference is ‘ Go Explore! ’, reflecting an exploration of many new exciting developments in Geography in Ontario, such as the upcoming revised Senior curriculum.