2017 OAGEE Fall Conference - Thank You!

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OAGEE Fall Conference 2017

Geography: Embracing Our World

It is hard to believe that is has been over a week since a very invigorating and exhilarating 2017 OAGEE Fall Conference @ St. Andrew's College! 

We would like to thank David Joiner, John Macdonald and their fantastic conference team for a remarkably successful 2017 OAGEE Fall Conference. 

2017 OAGEE Conference Team:

Anne Henry, Michelle Bader-Shaw, Amanda Ellis, Carissa Simon, Lisa Mulrine-Gorman, Torie Abbotts,
John Macdonald, David Joiner
SAC Faculty Support
Ben Kitagawa    
Trevor Biasi
Melissa Ramon   
Adam Kowaltschuk
Joe Commisso    
Student Volunteers
Conference Committee 
Cory McKercher
Paul Hackl      
Ling Wong       
Linda Gollick
Claude Brun del Re
More pictures from the 2017 Fall Conference can be viewed at here. 
Currently, we are exploring the potential of a 2018 OAGEE Fall Conference in NIagara!