OAGEE Presentation Submission - Step 1

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Submitter and Company Information

Your prime email address
Title or position in the organization.
The best number to reach you at

Submitter and Company Information

The catching, succinct title of your session.
This is the summary that will appear in our program (online and onsite). Maximum of 250 words.
Explain why this will be an important session. What will be learnings, focus, take-aways. Include any other specifics we should be aware of.
Is your session supported by a web site or page?
Do you want to publish your email address?
Please provide the name of your commercial organization if you answered 'yes' to the previous question.


The name of presenter
The affiliation: school, company, sponsor
Presenter Getting Registration Deal: 1, 2 or 3?


Help us schedule you better!
Are you interested/available to present your session more than once?
Help us schedule you better!
How many do you expect? Can be changed later.
Any lab, equipment or field trip fees?


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